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Friday, June 13, 2008


Did you know that almost 50% of individuals over the age of 50 will have shingles at some point prior to their 80th birthday? What are shingles? They are a type of herpes virus, hiding out in your body. How did this particular type of Herpes virus get into your body? Anyone who gets shingles had chicken pox, typically as a young child. The first out break is chicken pox, a highly contagious virus typically spread prior to the blisters breaking out-- that's what makes it so contagious. Then the virus runs its course, but is not really done---it hides in the nerves, held dormant until years later. Frequently those who have compromised immune systems (older folks, those in treatment for cancer, etc) get worn down, then the chicken pox virus comes out of dormancy---now it is called shingles! Painful and unremitting, shingles incapacitate an individual. If you have had shingles, you know what Iam talking about. What does the pain feel like? The pain burns and feels like a bee sting --only you have bee stings in every little blister. The skin becomes raw, cracking, & bleeding. It is so painful that you don't want clothing touching the inflicted area. NOW---there is good news---You can ZAP away the pain and send that herpes virus back into dormancy. the Viral Inhibitor is the answer. I've had 2 shingles outbreaks on my face---VERY PAINFUL--but in minutes, the Viral Inhibitor reduced the pain and in a matter of hours the pain was greatly reduced and the blisters actually reabsorbed and the virus STOPPED!!! The Viral Inhibitor really worked.

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